Why do I feel ambivalent on International Women’s Day?

I had not planned to post a new article today, but the International Women’s Day (IWD) always leaves me with mixed feelings and I take the opportunity to explain why. Seeing countless articles, posts, tweets about IWD always reminds me that the world has made great progress in women’s rights in various ways, but forContinue reading “Why do I feel ambivalent on International Women’s Day?”

Scientific cruise in the Scattered Islands

In April 2019, I was co-leading a scientific mission for the MEGAFAUNA project that focuses on remote seamounts and islands as the last refuge for marine biodiversity during a scientific cruise organized by the TAAF in the Scattered Islands (Southwestern Indian Ocean). This project involved 11 scientists under a collaboration between University of Montpellier, LancasterContinue reading “Scientific cruise in the Scattered Islands”